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Hanna's® Candle Company

Hanna's® Candle Company has a clear and ambitious mission: to be a high-volume factory that produces superior quality container candles, melts, and wax pastilles (Aromabeads®) while maintaining profitability. This mission has been the core focus of our family-owned business since its establishment in 1987. 

  1. High-Volume Factory in Fayetteville, Arkansas: Hanna's® Candle Company manufactures container candles, melts, and wax pastilles in large quantities. The substantial size of our factory covering 244,000 square feet, enables us to produce all of our products at a massive scale.

  2. Maximum Output, Lowest Cost: Hanna’s® goal is to maximize the production of candles while minimizing production costs, which is crucial for achieving profitability.

  3. Fine Quality Candles: Despite the focus on high volume, Hanna’s® places a strong emphasis on maintaining the standard of excellence of scented candles. Our in-house testing lab ensures the qualities that are essential to meet our customers’ expectations.

  4. State-of-the-Art Technologies: The use of cutting-edge line production technologies is a result of our commitment to innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

  5. Factory Self-Sufficiency for Additional Cost Savings: Hanna's® has the ability to meet many of the internal manufacturing needs of our factory with our on-site professional machine shop, testing lab, art department, label printing, and photography.

  6. Efficient Sourcing: It is clear that efficient sourcing of materials is essential for cost control and ensuring a reliable supply chain, which is vital for large-scale production. We are committed to finding the best suppliers worldwide to obtain the necessary raw materials and components.

  7. In-House Logistics: Our expert in-house logistics staff enables us to streamline all aspects of forecasting, procurement, inventory management, warehousing, and transportation smoothly so your candles are available when and where you designate.

  8. Private Label Specialists: Our team of private label specialists oversee the creation of customized products to meet our customers’ needs and preferences.

  9. Family-Owned Business: Hanna’s® company values are rooted in its identity as a family-owned business, with a focus on integrity and a sense of community.

  10. Profit for Everyone: The company seeks not only to be profitable but also to ensure that its success benefits all, including our employees and customers.

Hanna's® Candle Company is dedicated
to being a high-volume, cost-efficient,
quality-focused American candle manufacturer with a strong commitment
to its core values
and the satisfaction of its customers.
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